By using's web service ("Service"), a service provided by REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. ("REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA."), the user agrees with the following terms and conditions indicated below and are also subject to Anti-spam Policy and Privacy Policy. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. reserves itself the right of updating and altering theses Terms of Use from time to time. Any new resource that improves ou enhances the current Service, including the launch of new tools and resources, will be subjected to the Terms of Use. Any time there is a change in the Terms of Use, the rules under which the user has contracted REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA.'s services will remain valid as until a renovation, in which case the changes present in our site will be presented for the user to read and agree in order to proceed with the renovation process.

Terms of Use and General Conditionss

Access to the Service is made by the identification process of username and password. The user is the only responsible for creating and keeping safe the password, being advisible that this password is not composed by elements easely identifiable or closely related to the user, such as any word or names written in any language, commemorative dates, birthdays, license plates, document number and other, being also recommended that this password is changed from time to time. There are fraudulent computer programs that can capture your password when it is being typed to access the Service, and the user, being aware of that, is recommended not to access the Service from public use computers. It is also recommended that the user installs proper anti-virus and firewall programs. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. has no other way to confirm the user's identity besides the confirmation of the registration data. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., however, considers that this formality is not desidered by most of its clients, that prefer not answering more confirmation questions another time its registration data in order to use the Service, being the responsability and liability exclusive to the user to prove any circustance of improper use of the account by unauthorized third party users. If the user suspects his/her password has been discovered by others, the user should replace it, using the procedures indicated in the site. If the user forgets his/her access password, he must then click the "Forgot my password" link in the login page, which will then send the appropriate steps to the email adress registered by the user. This password is not provided in any other way. If the user has no access to the email account provided in registration, the only alternative is to cancel the account and open a new one.

The user is reponsible for all the content sent and each and every activity that occurs in his/her account. The user, then, is aware that the Service can not be used to any illegal activity or unauthorized end, wheter regarding the content sent or the utilization of the service. It is forbidden to use the Service to send messages with offensive content to laws and good manners such as racism, any kind of discrimination, pedophilia, appology to crime and others, as well as sending computer codes destined to cause harm or capture data ilegally, such as viruses, worms and others. In the same way, the service can not be used to send messages to contacts who have not authorized receveing messages in their email adresses, being the user the only responsible to assure that all email databases in his/her account have opted-in to receive messages from the user. If the user violeates any of these conditions, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. can block his/her access to the account and exclude it from the Service.

The user agrees to use e-mail address with his own domain address for sending campaigns through the Mailee platform, getting vetoed the use of free e-mail providers.

REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. may or may not make a previous analysis, automatically or manually, , and dos not have any control over these contents. If, eventually, someone feels harmed by some content that have been sent anonymously using the Service, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., through a formal requirement from this person, will inform the data registered as well as the IP adresses (IP Protocol) from which the Service was accessed by the user in order to allow this person to take the actions he/she believes are fit against the one who is responsible. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., however, does not have conditions to verify the veracity of the information provided at registration. If REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. eventually verifies that the content of the messages sent using the Service constitutes a crime, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. will communicate the fact and will provide the avaiable information to the proper authorities. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., however, dos not have any operational condition to constantly monitor these contents and will only take these kind of actions if urged to do so by a person interested or if REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. receives information about the ilicit content sent using the Service. In none circustance REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. will be responsible for the content of messages send through the Service, only acting in situations like those above.

The Service available to free accounts does not have any assurance by REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., which allows its use in the provided operational conditions and has the right to revoke this permission at any moment, with no previous warning. Free accounts are also subjected to restrictions in the volume and frequency of messages as well as the number of contacts registered, all of which can be altered at any moment with no previous warning.

Technical support is only available for paying accounts and only by email.

It is prohibited to create or modify another website in order to falsely appear to be associated to the Service or to REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA..

It is prohibited to reproduce or explore the Service's resources in other services, even if it is for free, without clear written constent by REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA..

For paying accounts, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. assures that the Service will work properly for the indicated purposes and with the inherent technical quality to this kind of app. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. does not assure, however, that all messages posted with the Service with reach all the respective contacts, since the messages are subject to filters and verifications present on the Internet that may block the sending of bulk messages or messages with certain contents.

The Service provided by REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. is not able to attend critical missions, those cases when if the message does not reach the recipient, by any given reason, the sender will suffer any disorder or jeopardy, recommending, in those cases, that other transmission media is used in order to assure that may be clearly confirmed by the recipient, which does not exist in the service provided by REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA..

The user is the only responsible for making a security copy of his/her contact database and contents inserted in the Service, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. not being responsible for any given jeopardy that the loss of these data and content may cause to the user

REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. does not answer to any harm - direct or indirect - that eventual flaw or interruption of the Service may cause to the user, being limited to the obligations of - in case of paying services - restore the orginal operational conditions in case of flaw or interruption of the Service in the smallest time frame possible.

Payments, refunds, upgrades and downgrades terms

Valid billing information are required for paying accounts. REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. colects this information directly or through a payment service such as PayPal. Free accounts will not be asked to provide billing information.

In paying accounts the service will be charged previously in the form of package of credits, where 1 (one) credit represents sending one message to 1 (one) recipient. Service can be canceled by the user, even with no apparent reason, in the period of 07 (seven) days counting from the payment date in order to obtain the full refund, provided that the user have not yet used the Service - except for testing, which is the case of the 250 credits provided. After this period or if the user has already effectively used the Service, there will be no refunds.

For montlhy payments through credit card, the user authorizes REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA to charge a monthly fee in his/her credit card. Payment information will be included directly into the system. Monthly payments begin on the first day after the previous month payment date, according to the choosen plan. The number of emails to be sent varies according to the chosen plan and the number of active contacts in the account. The user is able to see the number of active contacts and remaining sendings on his/her dashboard.

It is strictly forbidden to delete contacts with the intention of replacing them when choosing a plan with contacts limitation. You will not be able to import new contacts when cancelling and subscribing to the same plan again.

In the event of contacts blockade for breaking the threshold of bounces (20% per message) and/or SPAM complaints (1 complaint at every thousand) the client is required to provide information on its origin to further avaliation and unlocking. It is completely forbidden to create a new account and import those blocked contacts.

It is not allowed to share contact's lists between clients, even if those are from the same agency.

Agencies whose only client exceeds the limit of 70% of the total consumption of credits acquired or granted may be sanctioned, to be defined case by case, not excluding the termination of service provision, being automatically prohibited to transfer credits to or from those accounts.

Agencies are forbidden to transfer more than 70% of the total credits acquired for a single account.

It is forbidden to use a single account to send messages with various distinct contents.

The values charged by REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. include all the taxes on the operation. When the tax legislation so determines, the user shall retain the taxes according to the law in his/her country.

Credits bought in the purchase of a package does not have an expiring date, meaning that they can be used for as long as the account exists. Only in case of cancellation or termination of the account the credits will be lost.

Unlimited plans

Accounts that send more than one message per day to all contacts may be temporarily blocked or terminated upon notice. For this purpose, the sum of deliveries made on the weekdays of the last 31 calendar days will be considered. This analysis will be made daily.

Cancellation and Termination

To cancel the account, in the period of the contract, the user must only refrain from renewing the payment, not requiring any manisfestation. If, however, the user, for safety reasons, wish to block or delete his/her account before the end of the contract, he/she should request this block or exclusion to REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA.'s support team, that may ask the confirmation of the user's registered information.

The Service's contract renews aftter each credits package purchase, and REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. is not obligated to mantain or renew the service after the end of the contract.

If a client remains more than 1 (one) year without using a credit for sending email from the service, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. will reserve the right to delete the client's account or reset the remaining credits due to inactivity through a warning sent to the email adress present in the registration.

Changes in Service and in Prices

REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. has the right to change or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service's avaiability conditions, wheter in issues related to to prices and payment methods or related to technical and operational aspects, always respecting the contract in force. Modifications will be communicated to the Service's active users when renewing the respective contracts, requiring, then, the agreement to the new conditions. If the user does not agree to the new conditions, the contract will not be renewed.

Copyright & Intelectual property

Intelectual and commercial rights on the contents inserted by users in the Service are their exclusively responsability, and it is up to them to care for the use made by third parties on these contents. These propriety rights are not transmited to REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. by using the Service. If REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. is sued by third parties for the use of contents without authorization, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. will have the right of recourse against the user who have conducted the act of forgery, for all the amount spent with compensation as well as all expenses to defend its interests such as lawyer costs and litigation costs. In the same way, REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA. will be able to demand compensation if this fact cause any damage to the company's image.

The design and the graphical ements of the Service consubstantiate exclusive intellectual property of REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., ensured by the Brazilian legislation of copyright (Law 9.610/1998), except for icons, which are property of and, those having been properly licensed for REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA.. All the rights reserved. It is prohibited to duplicate or reuse any part of the HTML/CSS or of elements of visual design without express and written consent from REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA..

The Terms of Use consubstantiate a contract of adhesion between the parties involved, in the like of the Defense of the Consumer Law. However, no user can claim ignorance or disagreement of the conditions of use. If eventually some user has any doubt about these conditions, he/she should, before using the service, consult REDEHOST INTERNET LTDA., through the email addresses available on the site.

The parties elect the jury of Gravataí/RS as the only competent to settle any and all issues eventually originated from these Terms of Use.