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What is SPAM?

SPAM is a commercial email sent to someone without their previous authorization. is an email marketing system based on permission.

We don't like SPAM and we didn't create to be a SPAM tool. We don't think that business conducted with disrespectful actions work, and we don't want to work with clients who think like that. This is why we follow every single legal rule, like the CAN-SPAM ACT, and also why we go beyond it. Let's see some of our measures:


All of our clients must send messages only to the following contacts:

DO NOT send messages to the following contacts:


All comercial messages send through must have at least one or more unsubscribe options:

Can-Spam Act

Following Can-Spam Act rules is considered to be a best pratice, which includes, as well as the items presented above, the following information in your messages: allows you to add this information automatically in your messages, making it all easier for you.

Best pratices's team considers these as best pratices:

How we identify Spammers

This is how we identify clients who are not in compliance with our norms: